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How to choose work gloves?

No matter what kind of work you're doing, every job deserves a pair of high-quality work gloves. And of course, it's crucial that you find the right pair for your specific task.

But finding your perfect fit isn't always easy. So how do you find the best work gloves for your job?

Here's a guide to the different features available in a work glove and what you should be looking for. We'll break down some of the different types of gloves available, as well as their materials, uses, and safety.

l  Different cut resistant performance from level 1 to 5

l  Anti-abrasion levels 1 to 4

l  Punctures Impact Resistant 

l  Special functions like Impact resistant, cut resistant, oil and chemical resistant,electric resistant etc.

l  Used for hot weather like GreatFlex Coolmaster Series or Thermal for cold storage and winter

Choosing the Material

The first step finding a work glove is to choose the right material. Depending on your work, you'll need different types of materials to accommodate the different tasks. Let's take a closer look at what you're protecting your hands from.

Cuts, Puncture and Impact

Tasks like metal aluminum fabrication/roofing manufacturing will need cut resistant liner gloves.

Jobs of Mining,oil drilling,heavy yard work, carpentry, or other tool-related jobs will need puncture and impact resistant gloves(GLV3080).

While tough, cut resistant gloves won't protect you from all injury, they can help reduce the chance that you'll slice your hands while working.

Thickness of glove Liners

Look for a material with the right thickness is very important. 
Nylon and Lycra material
 (GLV2051&GLV2052can provide you 100% comfortable and 50% more breathable and less sweating for all day work.

However thermal lined cold resistant glove is a must for those who working in cold storage or in cold winter.

Palm Coated Material

Jobs like painting, manufacturing, auto work, liquid tank drivers or the use of any chemicals will require liquid-resistant gloves.

Nitrile Coated Gloves always the
 most budget and good choice for workplace with oil, grease, petroleum etc. 

Disposable nitrile glove is excellent for auto repairs, auto motive mechanical jobs.
However if there is lots of chemical like oil,degreasers, detergents ,gas cylinders,on work site, then
 fully coated pvc gloves will protect your hands from these hazards.

If you're looking for concrete gloves for an material handling job or construction work, you can find a special textured rubber coated
 glass gripper glove that will let you handle substances like concrete, tar, gless etc, or Dotted Greatflex CoolMaster glove which is for outdoor providing extra 30% grip and anti slip performance.

Pick the Right Fit

Sizing and fit make a big difference in the comfort of your glove. If you're going to be using your work gloves during long days of hard work, making sure they fit comfortably is essential.

Poorly fitting gloves cause more than just discomfort--they can restrict motion during your work, as well as cause long-term injuries like blisters and muscle cramps.

Touch Screen

If you're doing technology-related work--or you just want to check your phone from time to time--look for a glove with touch-sensitive pads on the fingertips.

These pads will let you use a touchscreen device while still wearing your gloves. This means that no matter what you're doing, you can surf the internet all day long.

Finding the best work gloves for you isn't as simple as taking a one-size-fits-all pair off the shelf and calling it a day.

You need to find a work glove that fits your needs and preferences while on a job--whether you're looking for durability, dexterity, protection, or comfort.

Looking for more advice on finding the perfect work glove? Ready to buy a pair of your own?

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